Minnesota: Anti-Gun Bill Rolled into Large Omnibus Bill and Passed in the Legislature

Gun Rights

Last night, House and Senate Democrats incorporated language from House File 2609, a bill that banned certain firearm triggers, into House File 5247, a large omnibus bill that addressed a variety of issues un-related to the Second Amendment. This all occurred within the span of 20 minutes with no debate.

Although Republicans repeatedly asked for the floor, Democrat Speaker Melissa Hortman and Democrat President Bobby Joe Champion refused to acknowledge them and went to the vote. All requests by Republicans for points of order, motions, and requests to speak were ignored.

Article 36 of HF 5247 includes vague and ambiguous language that bans certain firearm triggers. This provision of the bill could potentially implicate many common factory installed triggers. Once Democrat Governor Tim Walz signs this bill into law, it will take effect August 1st, 2024 and anyone with such a trigger still in their possession will be a criminal. Please contact Governor Walz and urge him to VETO House File 5247 by using the Take Action button below!

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