Michigan: Legislation to Expand Gun Free Zones Still a Threat This Legislative Session

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The threat of expanding “gun free zones” in Michigan continues to grow, as the Senate introduced similar legislation to what has been looming in the House since last year. With multiple vehicles to pursue this expansion, it is critical that NRA members and Second Amendment supporters stay vigilant and engaged. Bills can be taken up with short notice making it critical to let your legislators know where you stand. Please contact your Senator and Representative and urge them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 857Senate Bill 858House Bill 4127, and House Bill 4128 by using the Take Action button below.

SB 857 and SB 858 expand “gun free zones” in Michigan by prohibiting gun owners from carrying a firearm in the Michigan State Capitol Building, the Binsfeld Senate Office Building, and the Anderson House Office Building, with an exception for legislators. The Capitol Commission in recent years banned both open and concealed carry of firearms in the areas listed above, this would memorialize the restriction into state law. The bills have been assigned to the Senate Committee on Civil Rights, Judiciary, and Public Safety and can be brought up anytime for a hearing.

HB 4127 and HB 4128 prohibit an individual from possessing a firearm within 100 feet of a polling place, which includes ballot drop boxes, early voting sites, a city or township clerk’s office, or within 100 feet of any entrance to these sites. It would also prohibit possessing a firearm within 100 feet of any location where ballots are being counted or processed. The ban would take effect while voting or counting of ballots was in progress or 40 days before an election in the case of absentee voting boxes. 

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Law-abiding gun owners should not face criminal penalties for simply crossing arbitrary lines with no intent to disrupt or interfere with the voting process. Furthermore, many of these locations, like ballot drop boxes, are not well known and can be placed in areas like a grocery store entrance. Passing within 100 feet of some of these areas unknowingly and unintentionally could be easy to do and prohibit you from accessing areas where it would otherwise be legal to carry. HB 4127 and HB 4128 were recently sent back to the House after receiving amendments in the Senate.

Once again, please contact your legislator and urge them to OPPOSE SB 857, SB 858, HB 4127, and HB 4128.

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