69% Of Voters, Including Majority Of Republicans, Support Marijuana Legalization: Did You Catch That, Biden And Trump?

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Nearly seven in 10 American voters, including a majority of Republicans, support legalizing cannabis, according to a recent Fox News poll, which covered other hot-button issues like abortion, border security and the economy.

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The poll, conducted several days before President Joe Biden‘s May 16 announcement that his administration will officially reschedule marijuana, found 69% of registered voters favor ending marijuana prohibition altogether. This includes 45% who strongly favor the reform.

Cannabis Opinions Bridge Political Divide & Demographics

Support for legalization cuts across political lines, with 81% of Democrats, 55% of Republicans and 65% of independents in favor. The survey also indicated widespread backing across all demographic groups, with the exception of those identifying as “very conservative.” Notably, even among typically unexpected demographics such as people over 65 and white evangelicals, there was majority support.

No ‘Buyer’s Remorse’: Solid Views On Legalization

“There’s no ‘buyer’s remorse’ among the public when it comes to legalizing cannabis,” Paul Armentano, deputy director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), said in a statement.

“As more states have adopted legalization, public support for this policy has risen dramatically. That’s because these policies are largely working as intended and because voters prefer legalization and regulation over the failed policy of marijuana prohibition.”


So, Where Do Candidates Biden And Trump Stand?

While Biden steps up his cannabis rescheduling game, which by the way is an unfulfilled 2020 campaign promise, he’s still shying away from full legalization. That is something he could have done at any point over the last several years by ordering the DEA to remove cannabis from any schedule and treat the plant like alcohol, which is what advocates have suggested for years.

Donald Trump, who faces a marijuana legalization ballot initiative in Florida this November, has yet to publicly declare his stance. That said, the former president has been known to call for the death penalty for drug dealers. He told a National Rifle Association meeting in April the uptick in mass shootings is “not a gun problem” but said it’s rather due to “genetically engineered” cannabis, and the trans community could be at fault.

The Fox News poll was conducted with 1,126 registered voters from May 10-13, with a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.

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