Donald Trump Teases Third Term As President At NRA Annual Meeting In Dallas

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Republican candidate Donald Trump hinted that he might be up for a third term as president if he wins the election against Joe Biden in November.

Speaking at the National Rifle Association‘s annual meeting in Dallas on Saturday, the former president asked the audience if he would be a two-term or three-term president.

“You know, FDR 16 years — almost 16 years — he was four terms. I don’t know, are we going to be considered three-term? Or two-term?” Trump asked, speaking before a crowd of gun rights supporters.

“Are we three term or two term if we win?” he added.

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“Three,” shouted someone from a crowd of gun rights supporters.

This is not the first time Trump has floated the idea of a third term as the U.S. president. During the 2020 campaign trial, he said he was going to win that election and after that he would go for another four years.

However, Trump recently dismissed the idea of seeking a third term in an interview to Time Magazine.

“I wouldn’t be in favor of it at all. I intend to serve four years and do a great job. And I want to bring our country back. I want to put it back on the right track. Our country is going down. We’re a failing nation right now. We’re a nation in turmoil,” he said in the interview.

Third term is banned by the Constitution under the 22nd Amendment, which limits presidents to serving only two terms.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to four terms in office as U.S. president before the amendment was enacted, but he died early on during his fourth one.

During a meandering speech, Trump also addressed several key issues, including guns and the Second Amendment, immigration, foreign policy, the economy, and abortion.

He criticized Robert F. Kennedy Jr., labeling him as “radical left,” and continued his attacks on President Biden and CNN on the proposed debates.

Trump’s trip to Dallas comes at a time when his criminal trial in New York is nearing conclusion, with closing arguments are expected as soon as Tuesday.

By this time next week, Trump could either be a convicted felon or acquitted of charges related to concealing a hush money scheme from 2016.

During his speech on Saturday, Trump continued to criticize his indictments and expressed frustration over the gag order imposed by Justice Juan Merchan.

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