Trump claims ‘low IQ’ Biden only has to stay upright to be declared winner of debates in NRA speech: Live

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Trump repeats demand that Biden take drug test before presidential debate

Donald Trump is back on the 2024 campaign trail having attended his son Barron’s high school graduation, for which Judge Juan Merchan scheduled a day off for the court as the prosecution in Mr Trump’s criminal hush money trial nears the close of its case.

The former president attended a fundraiser in Minnesota on Friday at which he said he wants Joe Biden to take a drug test before they debate on 27 June. He then travelled to Dallas to address the National Rifle Association convention, where he kept the crowd waiting for over two hours and appeared to freeze for 30 seconds.

Mr Trump will hold his first rally in New York since 2016 with an event planned in the South Bronx next week. The Trump campaign has filed a permit for a 3,500-person event in Crotona Park at 6pm on 23 May — once he has been allowed out of court for the day.

Mr Trump last held a rally in his native state in Buffalo in 2016 but has not attempted anything since given the Democratic Party’s dominance. Enthusiastic supporters of Mr Trump have organised a “MAGA Cruise” around Manhattan the evening before the rally.

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Oliver O’Connell19 May 2024 19:30


Take the stand or admit you’re a coward, new ad taunts Trump

Donald Trump has been taunted to take the stand in his New York hush money trial in a new advert which uses the former president’s own words against him.

The ad, from centre-left group Third Way, implores Mr Trump to “take the stand” or “admit you’re a coward” by featuring a 2016 quote from the former president where he asks, “If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth?”

Ariana Baio reports:

Oliver O’Connell19 May 2024 19:00


Watch: Rubio clashes with Welker on ‘Meet the Press’ over election integrity

Oliver O’Connell19 May 2024 18:30


At Morehouse commencement Biden tells pro-Gaza student protesters their ‘voices should be heard’

President Joe Biden called for an “immediate ceasefire” and acknowledged protesters who have denounced the Israeli siege as a genocide as he spoke on Sunday at one of the nation’s oldest historically Black colleges, Morehouse.

The president told Morehouse College’s graduating class of seniors that the voices of protesters “should be heard” even as the school was forced to threaten students with the cancellation of commencement ceremonies if disruptions occurred.

John Bowden reports:

Oliver O’Connell19 May 2024 18:00


Trump appears to freeze on stage during NRA speech

The former president — who kept the crowd waiting for more than two hours from the scheduled time of his speech on Saturday — was praising the state of Texas before he suddenly fell silent at the lectern.

Supporters of President Joe Biden were quick to pounce on the moment given that Mr Trump, 77, frequently attacks the president, 81, for his age, claiming he is not mentally competent and is too old for office.

Read on…

Oliver O’Connell19 May 2024 17:30


Giuliani belts out ‘New York, New York’ at 80th birthday before being served with indictment

Mr Giuliani was also filmed belting out Frank Sinatra’s classic “New York, New York” to cheers from guests.

Katie Hawkinson has the story:

Oliver O’Connell19 May 2024 17:00


Watch: Stefanik clashes with Fox News host over previous Trump remarks

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Full story: SNL finale teases Trump’s VP picks

Katie Hawkinson has the story:

Oliver O’Connell19 May 2024 16:30


Watch: Former Trump campaign aide says debate will be ‘challenge’ for Biden

Oliver O’Connell19 May 2024 16:15


MAGA cruise around New York announced to coincide with Trump’s Bronx rally

A “Trump Rally Bronx MAGA cruise” on the evening of 22 May, the day before the former president appears at his first New York rally in eight years, was announced on Saturday by the site,

Here’s what you need to know:

Oliver O’Connell19 May 2024 16:00

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