Americans must demand reasonable gun control laws — Linda Bernhardt

Gun Rights

I’ve never been afraid of the Democrats taking away my guns, but the National Rifle Association and gun manufacturers have sold a lot of firearms with that marketing campaign. The commonsense approach to owning and having guns is quite simple, and we did so well before the NRA became popular.

For the children in schools, for our communities, churches and all of society, we need to get on board with many people who are tired of all the gun violence we see on a regular basis. It is happening daily, and we just can’t continue to live this way. It’s horrifying, and we may have become numb to this human destruction and how it wreaks havoc on communities.

President Joe Biden has proposed expanding background checks for firearm purchases, including at gun shows and online sales. We need to close the gun show loophole and ban assault weapons that no one needs for hunting. We must convey our opinions to our Republican congressional representatives, because they seem to not care or are bought off.

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Linda Bernhardt, Platteville

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