NRA’s Political Victory Fund Endorses President Donald J. Trump

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Today, the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is honored to announce its full endorsement of President Donald J. Trump for re-election to a second term as President of the United States of America. NRA-PVF Chairman Randy Kozuch announced the endorsement at the 2024 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Dallas, TX.

This endorsement is a recognition of President Trump’s unwavering support of the Second Amendment and his dedication to protecting the constitutional right of Americans to defend themselves and their families. As an NRA Life Member, President Trump has proven his strong, personal commitment to the Second Amendment and the rich American tradition of firearm ownership.

The NRA-PVF first endorsed President Trump in May of 2016, helping him secure the Republican nomination and defeat Hillary Clinton. Since then, he has been a steadfast advocate for NRA members and the Second Amendment—including his promise in 2016 to never let NRA members down.

“On behalf of NRA members, the NRA’s Political Victory Fund is proud to endorse President Donald J. Trump’s re-election campaign,” said Randy Kozuch, Chairman of NRA-PVF. “A second term for President Trump is a victory for the Second Amendment. NRA members recognize that we are the torchbearers for liberty, and we are in a generational fight for freedom. With President Trump, we had a powerful champion in the White House who always fought for our constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and come November, we will return him to the Oval Office.”

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This endorsement is more than an announcement, but a commitment from NRA and its millions of members nationwide to mobilize to help President Trump build an unbeatable ground game, especially in critical swing states where NRA members could be the key to President Trump’s re-election victory. This mobilization includes a vast scope of voter outreach efforts, including a comprehensive GOTV program, grassroots organizing and activation, election integrity initiatives, voter education, and on-the-ground deployment of NRA volunteers in every battleground state in the country.

“NRA members are not just spectators in the political arena. We turn our beliefs into action,” continued Kozuch. “The NRA Political Victory Fund is fully committed to this fight because we know this is a battle we can’t afford to lose. We are committed, like never before, to reclaim the White House for President Trump and once again demonstrate the political power of the NRA and its members.”

The National Rifle Association calls upon its members and all supporters of the Second Amendment to stand with President Donald J. Trump in the upcoming election, ensuring America remains a beacon of liberty, freedom, and civil rights.

Gun rights supporters and NRA members are encouraged to visit the NRA-PVF’s website at to learn more about the endorsement of Donald J. Trump as the 47th President of the United States of America.

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