Maryland: Gov. Moore Signs Firearm Industry Liability Bill into Law

Gun Rights

Yesterday, May 16th, Gov. Moore signed two anti-gun bills into law, further eroding the rights of law-abiding gun owners in Maryland.

House Bill 947 allows civil causes of action to be brought against firearm industry members for alleged violations of the Gun Industry Accountability Act of 2024. The law has the potential to bankrupt local firearm industry members through a litany of lawsuits, inflating business costs in such a fashion that it severely limits opportunities for Marylanders to lawfully purchase firearms, ammunition, and components.

House Bill 583 utilizes taxpayer dollars to fund a state-level program to push the Governor’s gun control agenda in Maryland that parallels President Biden’s Office of Gun Violence Prevention. Maryland’s new initiative seeks to study mechanisms to reduce gun violence, but the likely reality is the center seeks to employ gun-control advocates and activists and utilize the center as a radical, anti-gun propaganda tool.

While these two bills did become law, other gun control measures were successfully defeated this session including: 

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Senate Bill 1097 mandated that all gun buyback programs must destroy any firearms or firearm parts submitted to them. Additionally, SB 1097 was amended to add additional training requirements for certified firearm instructors. The legislation did not include a grandfather clause for current certified instructors, meaning that all firearm instructors would have been disqualified from teaching firearm courses until the new criteria was satisfied. 

House Bill 935 and Senate Bill 784 sought to impose an excise tax at a rate of 11% upon all transactions involving firearms, firearm accessories, and ammunition. This would have been an additional tax upon the already-existing local sales tax, and applicable federal taxes.

House Bill 430 would have required those with a wear and carry permit to obtain liability insurance.

House Bill 1473 was an attempt to phase out lead ammunition across the State of Maryland.

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