Louisiana: Pro-Second Amendment Legislation Headed to Governor Landry

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This week, SB 152, SB 194, and SB 214 received final passage in the House and will soon be presented to Governor Jeff Landry for his signature. These bills show the Louisiana Legislature’s continued commitment to protecting our Second Amendment rights in the Pelican State.

SB 152 makes technical clarifications to existing statutes, providing consistency throughout state law as it pertains to carrying a concealed firearm.

SB 194 enhances and strengthens Louisiana’s existing firearm preemption laws. SB 194 expands the types of behavior political subdivisions are generally prohibited from regulating, provides standing for both individuals and organizations to seek declaratory and injunctive relief when political subdivisions are in violation, and requires political subdivisions to repeal any offending ordinances or regulations within six months of the bill’s enactment.

SB 214 will create a uniform set of laws pertaining to the carrying of concealed firearms in dining establishments, ensuring law-abiding citizens have the right to defend themselves and their families.

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NRA would like to thank Senate President Cameron Henry, House Speaker Phillip DeVillier, and Senator Blake Miguez (R-SD 22), who sponsored all the bills, and all our members and fellow Second Amendment advocates who engaged to keep the bills moving through the legislative process in both chambers.

Updates on Other Gun-Related Legislation:

SB 234, a bill to adopt the FIND Act at the state level, recently passed the Senate. SB 234 discourages companies, including banks, payment processors, insurers, and other financial services providers, from discriminating against members of the firearm and ammunition industries. This legislation prohibits businesses that engage in this practice from contracting with governmental entities in the Pelican State. Taxpayer dollars should not be used to benefit the bottom line of corporations that are actively working to erode the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Louisianans. At this time, the bill has not yet been scheduled for a House Appropriations Committee hearing. 

SB 301, a bill prohibiting payment processors from using firearm/ammunition-specific merchant category codes, recently passed the Senate. This is an important protection for gun owners, preventing abuse of private purchasing information by third parties. Anti-gun activists in states like California and Colorado have already mandated the use of these codes, and it is important that Louisiana takes this critical step to protect financial privacy. The bill is scheduled for a hearing in the House Commerce Committee on Monday, May 13.

Begin contacting your State Representatives and urge them to support SB 234 and SB 301 using the Take Action button below.

HB 627, as amended, established potentially permanent firearm restrictions along parade and demonstration routes. This new prohibition did not require that the parade or demonstration be ongoing or imminent, nor did it specify how long the restrictions would remain in effect. There was no notice or signage requirement for designating a parade or demonstration route. Large swathes of towns and cities could have become “gun-free zones” that disarmed law-abiding citizens and which criminals would ignore. The bill failed House final passage on a 38-58 vote.

Stay tuned to www.NRAILA.org and your email inbox for updates regarding Second Amendment and hunting-related legislation in the Pelican State.

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