Pennsylvania: Gun Control Bills Defeated in the Pennsylvania House

Gun Rights

On Tuesday, two gun control measures, House Bill 335 and House Bill 2206, failed by the slimmest of margins in the Pennsylvania House. Since Democrats took control of the Majority in 2023, they have run wave after wave of anti-gun proposals, passing most of them narrowly along party lines. However, these two bills failed, one of them by a single vote on the House floor, an unusual and embarrassing circumstance for the party in control. A motion for reconsideration has been filed, but for now these bills appear dead.

House Bill 335 banned so-called “multiple burst trigger activators,” and would have outlawed commonly owned firearm parts, turning otherwise law-abiding gun owners into felons. House Bill 2206 was touted as a modernization bill, but in reality, it would have used mandated electronic paperwork submission to bolster state firearm registries and databases. The bill would have also likely put small federal firearm licensed dealers out of business. 

After the 2022 election, Democrats gained a 102-101 majority in the House, where only 102 votes are needed to pass legislation in the 203-member chamber. Fortunately for Pennsylvania gun owners, the Republican-controlled Senate has not passed any of the restrictive proposals that the House has voted to send them. This week’s votes are another reminder of the importance of elections and that those results have consequences.

The fight is far from over. NRA-ILA will battling against any attacks on your Second Amendment rights in Harrisburg. Please continue to check your inbox and for the latest updates concerning your Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage.

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