Massachusetts: Contact the H. 4139 Conference Committee NOW

Gun Rights

For nearly a year, extreme anti-gun Massachusetts politicians have been pushing one of the most extreme gun control bills in the country. Now, the accumulation of all those bills, H. 4139, sits in a private “conference committee” where a board of six Senators and Representatives will draft the final version of the bill. NRA members and gun rights supporters are urged to contact the committee NOW and express their objections to this bill. Click the TAKE ACTION button below to contact committee members NOW. 

H. 4139, also labeled the “Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act” by Massachusetts’s Gun Owner’s Action League (GOAL), seeks to completely rewrites the Massachusetts gun code, implements sweeping bans, creates gun registries, imposes extreme training requirements, and more. For more information about this bill, including the dubious legislative process and details about the bill, please visit GOAL’s website at:

Please stay tuned to the NRA-ILA and GOAL websites for updates as this situation progresses.

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