Governor Announces Special Session on “Public Safety” To Begin July 18

Gun Rights

Dear Second Amendment Supporters:

Yesterday, anti-gun Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announced that she is convening lawmakers in Santa Fe for a special legislative session beginning July 18 to address “public safety” issues.  This, in spite of the fact that she just made the recent 30-day budget session a de facto special session on crime-related legislation (most of which progressive lawmakers defeated) and gun control proposals (most of which failed, including gun bans, magazine limits, restrictions on purchase and possession of firearms by young adults, and attacks on firearms industry members.)  Anti-gun bills which did pass and she signed into law – the 7-day waiting period on firearms purchases and ban on open carry at polling places — haven’t even taken effect yet (both do so on May 15.)

Lujan Grisham has publicly stated that she wants lawmakers to consider legislation restricting panhandling, increasing the penalty for felons in possession of firearms, determining the competency of criminal defendants, and assuring delivery of mental health services to at-risk individuals during this special session.  The Santa Fe New Mexican is reporting that gun control measures and pretrial detention are off the table until, presumably, the 60-day session in 2025.

Gun owners must remain vigilant!  We’ve shared with you what is being reported today, but the special session is still three months away.  This governor has never passed up an opportunity to push for more restrictions on your Second Amendment rights or conjure up an “emergency” that requires immediate executive or legislative action on firearms.  Please contact legislative leadership and use the button below to email your State Senator and State Representative and tell them enough is enough — no more gun control in the July Special Session.

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