Trump camp turns fire on ‘Radical F***ing Kennedy’

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Former President Donald Trump‘s supporters launched a new website highlighting Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s “radical” record as the independent candidate appears poised to siphon votes in November.

The super PAC Make America Great Again Inc. created the “Radical F***ing Kennedy” website in an effort to steer moderate voters away from Kennedy and draw Democratic support away from President Joe Biden. The website’s creation comes as Kennedy intends to draw voters away from both Trump and Biden. However, polling shows that Biden would lose more voters to Kennedy than Trump would. 

Gun confiscation, reparations, the Green New Deal, and a 70% income tax are all ideas the website creators say Kennedy supports. 

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The website links a 2018 tweet from Kennedy in which he says the National Rifle Association is a “terror group,” and it also links to a Breitbart article that highlights Kennedy at a NewsNation town hall saying that he would sign a ban on assault rifles. 

Characterizing Kennedy as a climate change radical, the website also includes a link to an archived edition of the Des Moines Register cited by the Daily Caller that shows in 2002, Kennedy, then president of Waterkeeper Alliance, called hog farmers more dangerous than Osama bin Laden. 

The website also points out Kennedy’s opposition to voter ID laws and his support of paying reparations to black people from a post made on his campaign site in October. It has since been edited to include “targeted community repair” for “most devastated communities.”

Criticism of Kennedy from the Right is relatively new this cycle, as Trump has praised him recently.

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Trump said Kennedy running is good for MAGA and considers him to be more of an opponent to Biden, especially since he falls farther to the left.

“RFK Jr. is, as you know, the most radical-left candidate in the race. He’s more so than the Green Party,” Trump said in a video posted to Truth Social on Thursday. ”He’s more so than even crooked Joe Biden. But he’s got some nice things about him. I happen to like him.”

On the other hand, Democrats have labeled Kennedy a dangerous conspiracy theorist, particularly highlighting his anti-vaccine stance, which has drawn him support from Republicans who voiced skepticism about vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic. DNC campaign operative Lis Smith has called those in support of Kennedy “low information voters.”

“The guy has never met a conspiracy theory that he doesn’t love, he thinks that Wi-Fi gives you cancer, that chemicals in the water and in fish turn kids gay and transgender,” Smith told the Daily Mail.


Both Trump and Biden supporters are fearful of Kennedy’s growing influence, and Kennedy said he is coming for both.

“Their principal technique is to call me a spoiler and instill fear in Americans that voting for me will get some other terrifying candidate elected,” he said. “Our campaign is a spoiler. I agree with that. It’s a spoiler for President Biden and for President Trump.”

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