RFK Jr says Trump ‘knows’ who can beat him amid new attack website launch

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Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said former President Donald Trump “knows” who can beat him in the 2024 election, referencing a new attack website launched against the independent.

The website, launched by the super PAC Make America Great Again Inc., portrays Kennedy as a “radical liberal” and cites various statements he has made in the past that align with the Democratic Party, such as his praise for “the socialist Green New Deal” and his calls for reparations to black people. The website’s title, “Radical F***ing Kennedy,” is a play on Kennedy’s initials, RFK.

“President Trump calls me an ultra-left radical,” Kennedy wrote on X. “I’m soooo liberal that his emissaries asked me to be his VP. I respectfully declined the offer. I am against President Trump, and President Biden can’t win. Judging by his new website, it looks like President Trump knows who actually can beat him.”

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The super PAC reposted Kennedy’s post on X, accusing him of “calling Voter ID laws racist” in a post that included footage of a 2008 interview he conducted with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. In the interview, Kennedy discussed how 1 of 10 people in the United States does not have a driver’s license and that this is preventing them from voting in elections.

Previous social media posts Kennedy made have also been reposted by the super PAC, including one in 2014, when he praised then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, for banning fracking in the state, and another post in 2018, when Kennedy called the National Rifle Association “a terror group” after the Parkland school shooting in Florida.

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Kennedy’s comment about Trump’s emissaries asking him to be his vice president stems from his claim in January that Trump’s team asked him to serve in the position. Chris LaCivita, Trump’s senior adviser, has denied Kennedy’s claim, saying the team never approached the independent candidate.


Kennedy’s running as an independent could pose a problem for Trump and President Joe Biden, who could be in for a rematch this November. While Kennedy is expected to take votes away from the Republican and Democratic candidates, some have theorized that Democrats would lose more votes to Kennedy.

Last week, Kennedy’s presidential campaign fired an employee after she misrepresented her role in the campaign, claiming that beating Biden in the presidential election was the “No. 1 priority.” She also described Biden as a common enemy between Kennedy supporters and Trump supporters.

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