Colorado: Semi-Auto Ban Up For Final Vote in House

Gun Rights

HB24-1292 the semi-auto ban passed its second reading yesterday and is scheduled for final vote tomorrow in the House before moving on to the Senate.

Please use the button below to contact your state representative and urge them to OPPOSE the semi auto ban, HB24-1292!

HB24-1292’s broad definition of “assault weapon” bans all semi-automatic rifles including America’s most common rifle, the AR-15, along with countless other rifles, pistols, and shotguns that Coloradans use for hunting, target shooting, and self-defense. The bill also bans .50 BMG rifles, despite the fact that these rifles are essentially never used in crime. Even worse, the ban extends to common firearm parts and many innocuous components in the definition of “assault weapon” and “rapid-fire trigger activator” (FRT/forced reset trigger). A person in violation of this unconstitutional ban will be charged with a petty offense.

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Anti-gun lawmakers in Colorado claim this is an attempt to stop mass shootings, yet numerous studies have been conducted regarding the use and subsequent bans of semi-automatic rifles and always the results are the same; there are no discernable effects on violent crime or homicide rates. For more information on these studies click here.

Your NRA-ILA is closely monitoring all the legislation this session and actively opposing anti-gun bills. Stay tuned to your inbox and for more updates.

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