Idaho: Legislature Adjourns Sine Die from 2024 Session

Gun Rights

Yesterday, the Legislature adjourned sine die from its 2024 session. This session, NRA worked with pro-gun lawmakers to pass three bills, addressing emerging threats from the financial sector and the right to carry. Governor Brad Little has signed those bills into law.

SB 1291 prohibits public contracts with individuals or companies that are boycotting certain industries, including those that engage in or support the manufacture, distribution, sale, or use of firearms.  

SB 1317 creates a Gadsden flag/ Don’t Tread On Me license plate for Idaho. Revenue generated from the specialty plate will fund firearms safety training in K-12 schools. 

SB 1374 prohibits private parties from restricting the lawful carry of firearms on public property unless the event is by invitation only, for commercial purposes and charges an admission, or it is otherwise apparent to a reasonable person the event is not open to the general public.

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Despite these successes, the Senate State Affairs Committee impeded progress of expanding school employees’ right to self-defense at their place of employment by refusing to hear and advance House Bill 415. Following repeated requests for a hearing on H 415, Chairman Guthrie introduced his own version of school carry riddled with gun control provisions. Thanks to NRA opposition and Second Amendment supporter engagement, SB 1418 failed to advance out of Committee.

NRA once again thanks all the lawmakers for this productive session. We will be back in Boise for the 2025 session to further advance Second Amendment protections. Please stay tuned to and your email inbox for further updates.

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