Maine: Wednesday: Floor Vote on Classifying Shotguns as “Machine Guns”

Gun Rights

Senator Anne Carney, Maine’s leading gun grabber, is at it again. You may recall that last year, Senator Carney submitted a bill that would have banned the sale of muzzleloaders in Maine. Now, Senator Carney has submitted a bill that would change the definition of shotguns and other firearms to “machine guns.”

As written, LD 2086 seeks to reclassify any firearm that can shoot “multiple projectiles” as a machine gun. Because shotguns can fire birdshot and other firearms can fire snake shot, “multiple projectiles” would be expelled with a single pull of the trigger. This in turn would cause these firearms to be classified as “machine guns” under the definitions set forth in this bill. 

Banning shotguns or commonly owned firearms in Maine is beyond the pale, even for Maine’s leading anti-gun politicians. NRA members and gun rights supporters are encouraged to contact their local lawmakers and urge them to oppose LD 2086 and all anti-gun measures. Click the take action button below to contact your lawmakers NOW. 

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