Colorado: Assault Weapons Ban Vote Happening This Week! Merchant Category Mandate Legislation Headed to the Governor

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The Colorado General Assembly continues to throttle down on gun control. Today, House Majority Leader Monica Duran announced that HB24-1292, the so-called “assault weapons” ban, could be voted on as soon as this week after lying dormant for almost a month. Yesterday, SB24-066, mandating the use of firearm specific merchant category codes for payment processors, received final passage and is now headed to Governor Polis’ desk for his consideration.  On Thursday, anti-gun extremists will hold hearings on three different bills in two separate committees. It’s critical that NRA members and Second Amendment supporters get involved today! Please use the three separate Take Action buttons below to contact legislators to oppose the “Assault Weapons” ban on the floor and the bills up in committee. Additionally, contact the Governor by calling his office (303) 866-2882 and urge him to veto SB24-066. 

Please use the button below to contact your state representative and urge them to OPPOSE the “Assault Weapons” Ban, HB24-1292!

Thursday, April 11th

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Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee 1:30 pm

HB24-1174 increases the training requirements for concealed carry permit applicants and requires class instructors to be certified by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. This legislation is a solution in search of a problem, meant to harass gun owners and instructors by arbitrarily raising the qualification standards and likely the costs, despite not showing any existing deficiency in the current training standards.

HB24-1348 mandates that firearms stored in unattended vehicles must be kept in a locked hard-sided container that is kept out of view or within the locked trunk of the vehicle and creates civil penalties for infractions. 

Please use the button below to contact members of the committee and urge them to OPPOSE HB24-1174 and HB24-1348!


House Education Committee 1:30 pm

HB24-1310 strips teachers and other school professionals of their ability to carry a concealed firearm on school grounds. Armed school personnel can act as first responders and robbing them of the ability to protect their students and coworkers only makes schools less safe. This bill also ends the very successful FASTER Colorado program, and bans carry on college campuses. This legislation fails to offer any solutions in the ongoing effort to secure our schools but removes safeguards and deterrents to those wishing to do harm.

Please use the button below to contact members of the committee and urge them to OPPOSE HB24-1310!

Make Your Voice Heard!

Your immediate assistance is needed!  It is imperative that you contact the committee members NOW and urge them to OPPOSE these bills, which would severely restrict law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen! Please share this alert with your family and friends and ask them to do the same.

We need your voice to push back on these efforts to strip away your rights in Denver! Sign up to testify (in person or remote)here:

The NRA-ILA will work diligently to defend your Second Amendment rights by opposing bills like SB24-066, HB24-1353, HB24-1174, and HB24-1348. Continue to check your inbox and the NRA-ILA website for updates concerning your Second Amendment Rights and hunting heritage in Colorado.

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