Louisiana: “Gun Free Zone” Bill Scheduled for a Committee Hearing Tomorrow – Take Action Now!

Gun Rights

Senate Bill 419, “the gun free zone” bill, introduced by Senator Kirk Talbot (R-10), is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Local and Municipal Affairs Committee tomorrow at 1:00 PM. SB 419 is gun control legislation that creates “gun-free zones” that are off limits to lawful concealed carriers unless they possess a valid concealed carry permit. NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are urged to contact committee members NOW and request they oppose this gun control bill. 

Specifically, SB 419 designates the entire French Quarter of New Orleans as a so-called “gun-free zone” for those who do not have a concealed carry permit. This deprives law-abiding persons of carrying firearms under the recently signed constitutional carry legislation.

Further, SB 419 designates other areas as “gun-free zones” throughout the state, creating a patchwork of prohibited areas. This bill leaves law abiding citizens with fewer options regarding their inherent right to self-defense. It aims to disarm those individuals while providing no solutions to address criminals who have no regard for existing laws.

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Your NRA-ILA will be actively opposing this bill and reporting on it. Please stay tuned to the NRA-ILA website and your inbox for updates as this situation progresses.

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