John Lennon’s Son Calls Out Climate Cult Attack on Vinyl Records

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People who avail themselves of their ability to think and investigate breaking news might find common ground in recognizing that the Climate Cult typically acts according to the same censorious M.O. as ceaselessly enraged (for your-sake) Cultural Marxists.

Without any literal victims going to court to sue you or me for bringing harm to them or their property, the Climate Cult not only ascribes malicious motives to our “selfish” use of petrochemical energy, to eating beef, and other activities, they constantly expand their list of verboten activities that must be culled to fight their unsupported bogeyman of “anthropogenic climate change.”

Which means that, you got it, the Cult now has widened its net, and is targeting…

Vinyl records.

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It’s a crusade about which I was unaware, until I read this March 29 X post from musician Sean Ono Lennon, referring to someone who was calling for the cull of vinyl:

“The vinyl record industry is a tiny shadow of what it once was. LPs and 45s are NOT disposable single use plastics. I have records that were made by Edison’s company that still play. Everyone complaining about vinyl records from an environmental perspective are doing so with their cellphones and their computers and their blue jeans and their sneakers and their bullshit. This is not to disrespect anyone directly. The main artist speaking on this is brilliant and talented at music. I love them very much actually.”

Good points. And, in reading, I realized I had underestimated the sheer scope of the Climate Cult and its targets.

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Ono adds:

“But coming out against a tiny niche market in an industry that has already been gutted by streaming services, is not the win you think it is. We literally only have a tiny handful of factories globally that can even print vinyl anymore. Leave us boomers alone. We like our music to sound good. Let us have our records in the physical world. You can stream all you want to pay a tiny handful of CEOs. But we like vinyl.”

And he ends it with a nice nod to a true hero for freedom, actor, civil rights campaigner (and former President of the National Rifle Association) Charlton Heston.

“From my cold dead hands!”

People might recall that this is not the first time the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono has shown thoughtfulness and a spirited devotion to freedom. In January, Mr. Lennon noted how anti-human and anti-merit – how essentially prejudicial – so-called “DEI” (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) rules are.

But they, like I, might not have been aware of the attack on vinyl records until they read the post from Sean.

It turns out that this campaign to demonize vinyl records has been going since at least 2021, when the DC-based, world-elite-tied “Environmental Working Group” (EWG – the head of which, lobbyist Ken Cook, earns more than $300,000 per year) published its baseless attack called, “Vinyl records’ revival threatens environment and health.”

The gist, of course, is that creation of the black discs emits “12 times” the “greenhouse gases” of other music media sources.

That is questionable, in the least, given the energy required to create battery-equipped phones and laptops. And it’s even more baseless because the so-called “greenhouse gases” the Cult decries are not proven to be causing a “greenhouse effect” on Earth. The gases (carbon dioxide, nitrogen, methane) are utilized by the life-cycles of the planet, and they are essential for the growth of “green” life, as well as the betterment of our lives and the lives of many who are impoverished around the world.

The Lennon post calls to task the horde of marauders who would, first, disconnect others from the foundation of Common Law, the tortious claim, which requires that a real person claim that he or she has been injured by the actions of another, and then to prove that with evidence before a jury of his or her peers.

Second, the EWG crusade against records (and a wider and wider array of products and peaceful behavior) is based on the BASELESS claim that there is “anthropogenic climate change.” Not only have the Cultists not proven their claim, many of them have been exposed for manipulating data and communicating with others about their plans to do so.

But, third, and perhaps what is the saddest part of the Cultist behavior, is that they do not understand the fundamental truth about market activity.

Freedom of exchange, based on honoring someone else’s private property, has an incentive to cut costs, cut waste, and protect against harming others.

It is within the political system, fostered by fiat-central banking, political bills and grants and gland-handing, and backed by the machinations of politically-favored pop media, that the world becomes full of narratives, canards, and busybodies who will not allow us to disconnect, who will not allow us to question them.

But Sean Ono Lennon is, and it’s a pleasure to see.

It’s also a pleasure to see that, as of last week, vinyl sales beat CD sales again, for the second year running.

As a fan of analogue sound, and a fan of choice, let’s hope the new puritans of the Climate Cult can wake up and hear the music.

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