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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Felagrun was known to accost strangers and vehemently assert that one should never refer to a small amount of cottage cheese as a “dollop.” 


In the twenty-plus years that I’ve been writing about liberal bias in the mainstream media, I’ve never seen the hacks work as hard as they have for Joe Biden. Most of their past effort was spent on the character assassination of Republicans. All they had to do when His High Holiness the Lightbringer Barack Obama was in office was scream “RACISM!” in response to any criticism of him. 

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With President LOLEightyonemillion, they’ve had to create a man and a politician who never existed, then keep that fiction alive. They’re still in the character assassination business too. The poor dears are definitely stretched a little thin these days. 

During the infamous basement campaign of 2020, the Dems’ flying monkeys in the mainstream media rewrote the bulk of Biden’s curriculum vitae, creating a kindly, wise man who’d had an illustrious career in almost half a century of sucking at the taxpayers’ teat in Washington. 

The real Joe Biden is a combative spaz whose years in the Senate redefined mediocrity and only became vice president because Obama wanted an insurance policy. 

Once Biden was out of the basement and into the Oval Office, they couldn’t hide him anymore. It’s been apparent from the get-go that he lost a few mental steps. The fiction maintenance had to begin immediately. 

My friend Stephen Green wrote something yesterday that shares a story about Biden being coddled by the media in his first year in office. He began the column with an overview of the current state of the mainstream media: 


The results ought to make folks in various boardrooms sit up and take notice but, if the past is any guide, that won’t happen. The poll found that “Only one-third (34%) trust traditional media, and six in ten (61%) don’t,” while “A third (32%) say they have ‘little trust,’ and another 29% have ‘no trust at all.'”

The only way to describe the mainstream media is that it’s an industry in crisis — and that brings us to today’s revelation from Sage Steele.

When Donald Trump began referring to the MSM as “the enemy of the people” on the campaign trail in 2016, he was giving a voice to the feelings of most conservative Americans. The media lackeys were aghast, accusing Trump of putting them at risk by casting aspersions on their integrity. 

If they’d been real journalists, they could have dug deep and found that they had no integrity. 

The coastal media bubble people are too insulated to know that they’re not well-liked. They tell each other that they’re great and that’s that. They’re also unaware that the stranglehold that they had on the flow of information and the narrative for so long doesn’t exist anymore. 

Back to Sage Steele. Here’s VodkaPundit’s follow-up to the above quote: 

Steele told Fox News Digital that her 2021 interview with Presidentish Joe Biden had been “scripted” by ESPN executives. “You will say every word that we write out,” Steele says her bosses ordered her. “You will not deviate from the script and go.”

There has been evidence aplenty of coordination between Democratic politicians and the mainstream media. What makes this so ridiculous is that it’s ESPN we’re talking about. Yes, the network has taken a hard-left tack, but no one there is doing hardcore political journalism. Sage Steele doesn’t lean left, but there was never any danger that she was going to go all Mike Wallace on Biden. 


This is a clear indication that everyone around Biden knew that he had already checked out when he first got into office. I believe that we’re all aware that his condition hasn’t improved. As we saw with the Super Bowl, Team Joe won’t even agree to the scripted softball interviews now. 

As my RedState colleague Nick Arama chronicled yesterday, Biden can’t even handle a teleprompter anymore. The only way he’s going to get through on-camera interviews now is if they do multiple takes and everyone remains mum about it.

We really can’t put something like that past the enemy of the people. 

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