Maine: Extreme Anti-Gun Package Advances out of Committee

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On Wednesday, March 27, the Joint Standing Committee on Judiciary advanced one of the nation’s most extreme gun control packages in the country. This slew of gun control bills includes Red Flag laws, waiting periods, universal background checks, and redefining semi-automatic firearms to “machine guns.” These bills now head to the House floor for votes.

While you would think advancing one of the most extreme gun control packages in the country would satisfy these gun grabbing politicians, it appears they are not done yet. Today, Maine’s Speaker of the House, Rachel Talbot Ross (D-Portland) introduced LD 2283, an expansive extreme Red Flag bill that empowers the government to strip you of your Second Amendment rights without due process based on weak and nebulous standards. This bill, which was submitted at the last minute, was pushed through the legislative process and is headed to the Judiciary Committee for rushed public hearing in the coming days. During the floor vote to reference this bill to committee, Senator Matt Harrington (R-York) chastised anti-gun politicians for continuing to use underhanded tactics in a desperate attempt to pass an extreme gun control. When he asked when the hearing will occur, leading anti-gun politician, Senator Anne Carney (D-Cumberland) refused to answer.

Details regarding the hearing have yet to be announced and Maine citizens should expect minimal notice before the hearing. Check your inbox and NRA-ILA regularly to ensure you do not miss details regarding the public hearing.

NRA members and gun-rights supporters are urged to contact their local lawmakers and request that they vote against all anti-gun bills. To contact your lawmakers directly please click the TAKE ACTION button below.

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Below is the list of bills voted out of committee with “ought to pass” majority reports:

LD 2224 seeks to implement Red Flag and Universal Background Checks in Maine. Both provisions have already been voted down this legislature, and Universal Background Checks were recently voted down by Maine voters at the ballot box. If passed, this bill would require all “advertised” sales to be subject to background checks regardless of the relationship between the buyer and the seller, in an effort to close the so-called “gun show loophole” and to stop Mainers from selling firearms on Facebook. First and foremost, there is no gun-show loophole, all purchases through Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) are required to go through background checks regardless of location or where the sale takes place. Additionally, Facebook already bans firearm sales on their website, highlighting a further misunderstanding of firearm sales by the Mills administration. Finally, this bill puts Mainers at risk of becoming felons for the simple act of transferring a firearm to a family member, friend, or neighbor.

In addition to proposing failed Universal Background Checks, LD 2224 also seeks to expand Maine’s current Yellow Flag law to Red Flag “Extreme Risk Protection Order” laws. These laws strip citizens of their Second Amendment rights without due process based on weak and nebulous standards. If passed, Maine’s Red Flag law could strip Mainers of their Constitutional rights without a hearing and based on hearsay for up to 30 days. It does not include any penalties for erroneous accusations, allowing for an open season against gun owners in Maine.

LD 2238 delays Second Amendment rights by imposing a three-day waiting period before an individual may receive a firearm that they lawfully purchase, with limited exemptions. There is no evidence that waiting periods reduce violent crime. If passed, LD 2238 would deny the right of self-defense to abuse victims or any individual facing an imminent threat. Additionally, waiting periods would destroy Maine’s hunting tourism industry because guides would be unable to provide hunters with firearms and local firearm dealers would be unable to sell and transfer firearms in a timely manner. 

LD 2086, introduced by leading gun-grabbing politician Sen. Anne Carney, creates a backdoor ban on commonly owned firearm parts by redefining a “machine gun” to include any semi-automatic firearm that includes parts that can “increase the rate of fire.” This poorly written bill attempts to sneak a so-called “rapid-fire modification ban” past Mainers in a bill completely unrelated to firearm parts. As written, this bill would ban legally and commonly owned firearm parts. This could include certain firearm parts, competition triggers and other commonly performed trigger modifications used in a wide array of legal activities, including shooting sports, hunting and self-defense.

Again, please use the Take Action button to contact your lawmakers NOW and urge them to oppose Michael Bloomberg’s gun control package in Maine. Continue to check your inbox and NRA-ILA for updates concerning your Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage.

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