Pennsylvania: House Democrats Pass More Gun Control

Gun Rights

Since taking the Majority in 2023, House Majority Democrats have become a one-trick-pony. They went back to the well this week for more gun control. The Democrat-controlled House passed HB 777 on a vote of 104-97. The bill targets unserialized firearms, parts, and accessories.

With all the issues facing the state, they are obsessed with election-year politics and the need to score cheap political points with their anti-gun base, which has an insatiable appetite for banning guns. Already this session, they have acted on over half a dozen gun bills, with dozens more introduced.

“Ghost gun” is a manufactured term meant to sound scary. The reality is that the practice of self-manufacturing firearms for personal use has a long and established tradition in the United States. It is already a federal and state crime for a prohibited person to possess a firearm of any kind, and it is against the law to knowingly transfer a firearm to a prohibited person. Ultimately, this bill is not going to impact public safety in any meaningful way. It is only going to impact hobbyists and gun collectors. This bill is poorly crafted and includes parts and accessories. The bill is so Draconian that you do not even need to possess an operable gun to be guilty of a felony. It also does not make an exception for antique firearms without serial numbers. If Harrisburg Democrats would invest as much time in locking up and prosecuting criminals as they do harassing Pennsylvania’s law-abiding gun owners, the streets of cities like Philadelphia would be much safer.

Enough is enough. HB 777 is nothing more than political pandering. NRA-ILA strongly opposes this legislation, and we will work to ensure it does not advance in the Senate.

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