California: DOJ Proposes Emergency Rule that Reauthorizes NRA Instructors

Gun Rights

On Monday, March 25th, the California Department of Justice published an emergency rulemaking package proposing to amend the Carry Concealed Weapons DOJ Certified Instructors regulations. Under the proposed rulemaking, NRA Certified Instructors would once again be eligible to teach qualifying concealed carry classes, thereby providing California residents with more options to obtain their CCW permit. This reversal comes just months after the DOJ removed NRA Certified Instructors as eligible, despite NRA certified instructors having long been recognized as an acceptable training certification as prescribed in Cal Pen Code 31635. This unilateral move by the DOJ to remove NRA instructors came shortly after the passage of Senate Bill 2, which increased the requirements to apply for a license and created a new subjective criteria for the issuance of CCW licenses to allow authorities to arbitrarily deny applicants.

Individuals wishing to comment on the proposed rules can click here or see below:

The Department plans to file the emergency rulemaking package with the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) at least five working days from the date provided at the top of this notice. If you would like to comment on the Finding of Emergency or the proposed text, those comments must be made in writing only, must contain a notation that identifies the emergency regulation to which they relate, and must be received by both the Department and OAL within five calendar days of the Department’s filing with OAL. The Department may respond to comments at its discretion.

Send comments simultaneously to:

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Department of Justice
P.O. Box 160487
Sacramento, CA 95816
[email protected]


Office of Administrative Law
300 Capitol Mall, Suite 1250
Sacramento, CA 95814

Please stay tuned to your inbox and the NRA-ILA website for updates concerning your Second Amendment Rights.

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