Idaho: Pro-Gun Bills Head to Governor’s Desk

Gun Rights

Over the last week, three pro-gun bills, Senate Bill 1291, Senate Bill 1317, and Senate Bill 1374 received final passage and are headed to the Governor’s desk for his signature. NRA thanks all legislators who advanced these critical bills, and all of our members and fellow Second Amendment advocates who engaged this session.

SB 1291 prohibits public contracts with individuals or companies that are boycotting certain industries, including those that engage in or support the manufacture, distribution, sale, or use of firearms. This bill will require those who contract with the state to disclose if their policies discriminate against the firearms industry. Passed the House on March 20th by a vote of 59-11 and has been transmitted to the Governor’s desk.

SB 1317 creates a Gadsden flag/ Don’t Tread On Me license plate for Idaho. Revenue generated from the specialty plate will fund a grant program for firearms safety training in schools. Passed the House on March 15th by a vote of 58-8-4 and has been transmitted to the Governor’s desk. 

SB 1374 prohibits private groups from restricting the lawful carry of firearms on public property unless the event is by invitation only, for commercial purposes and charges an admission, or it is otherwise apparent to a reasonable person the event is not open to the general public. Passed the House on March 20th by a vote of 58-10-2 and has been transmitted to the Governor’s desk.

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The passage of these bills is a significant victory for Second Amendment rights in Idaho and we need to keep the momentum going. House Bill 415, the School Carry bill, has been stuck in the Senate State Affairs Committee since February 1st without a hearing, after overwhelmingly passing the House. Please contact members of the State Affairs Committee and urge them to hold a hearing for HB 415 by using the Take Action button below.

Please stay tuned to the NRA-ILA website and your inbox for updates.

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