Rhode Island: Senate Passes Mandatory Storage Law – Take Action Now!

Gun Rights

On Tuesday, the Rhode Island Senate continued its campaign to trample the Constitution, passing another anti-gun bill. This time, the Senate passed S.2202, which requires gun owners to keep their firearms under lock and key or face consequences. The bill passed despite bipartisan opposition and will now move to the House for further consideration. The House companion bill, H.7373, was recently heard and held in committee, but could quickly emerge and be eligible for a vote on the House floor.

Please use the take action button below and urge your Representative to vote no on S.2202 and H.7373, the mandatory storage bills.

Mandatory storage laws do nothing to improve public safety and only serve to tip the scales toward home invaders when seconds matter. 

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This is a good time to remember that elections have consequences. It is time for Rhode Island gun owners to put an end to this at the ballot box later this year. In the meantime, it is critical that we continue to fight this bill and other infringements. Please contact your Representative immediately and request a NO vote on S.2202/H.7373. 

Please continue to check your inbox and www.nraila.org for updates concerning your second amendment rights and hunting heritage.

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