Minnesota: Anti-Second Amendment Bills Scheduled to be Heard in Senate Committee

Gun Rights

Tomorrow at 9 am, Senate File 606 and Senate File 4312 will be heard in the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee. These bills would penalize gun owners for failing to report a lost or stolen firearm and impose a one-size fits all firearm storage requirement. Please use the Take Action button below to contact members of the committee and urge their OPPOSITION to SF 606 and SF 4312!

SF 606 victimizes gun owners who suffer loss or theft of their property, with criminal penalties if they do not report lost or stolen firearm to a law enforcement agency within 48 hours.

SF 4312 would implement a one-size fits all firearm storage requirement, regardless of personal circumstances and needs. Failure to follow this storage requirement will expose an individual to criminal penalties. This legislation tips the scales in favor of criminals and victimizes law-abiding gun owners who seek to defend themselves.

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The NRA will work diligently to defend your Second Amendment rights by opposing bills like SF 606 and SF 4312. Continue to check your inbox and the NRA-ILA website for updates concerning your Second Amendment Rights and hunting heritage in Minnesota.

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