Ohio Senate race puts Trump’s endorsement power under the microscope

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Dolan and DeWine project confidence as they face off against Trump-backed Moreno in Ohio

Republican and Democratic primaries are taking place in Ohio on Tuesday, with all eyes on the GOP senate race, which will place Donald Trump’s endorsement power under fresh scrutiny as the presidential candidate’s pick, former car salesman Bernie Moreno, comes up against a pair of party establishment rivals for the chance to challenge Democrat Sherrod Brown.

Mr Moreno was annointed by Mr Trump as his MAGA representative in the contest but faces stiff competition from state senator Matt Dolan and secretary of state Frank LaRose.

The Republican presidential nominee hailed Mr Moreno as a “fantastic guy” during a 90-minute address at the Dayton Air Show on Saturday and laid into Mr Dolan, whom he labelled a “RINO” (Republican in Name Only) and “the next Mitt Romney”.

He also attacked Mr Dolan over his family’s ownership of the Cleveland Guardians, the baseball team that recently changed its name from the Cleveland Indians, which Mr Trump suggested had happened because the owners had allowed themselves to be “pushed around by woke left-wing lunatics”.

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At a press gaggle on Monday, Mr Dolan — and Governor Mike DeWine, who has endorsed him — projected confidence ahead of the vote.


Scotus allows Texas police to make arrests in illegal border crossings

Ariana Baio reports:

Just one day after ordering the law, known as SB4, to remain paused, the court issued a 6-3 decision rejecting the Biden administration’s emergency request.

The law will now be permitted to go into effect while litigation at lower courts is pending. While it is allowed for now, it could be blocked at a later date.

Read more…

Oliver O’Connell19 March 2024 20:30


Matt Dolan campaigns on the eve of Ohio’s Senate primary
Oliver O’Connell19 March 2024 20:15


If the government shuts down does TSA still function?

Joe Sommerlad explains:

The state of play does not apply to those whose jobs are considered essential for public safety, such as law enforcement officers, soldiers, air traffic controllers, medical personnel, power grid technicians or those responsible for administering social security, Medicare and Medicaid payments.

Oliver O’Connell19 March 2024 20:00


Governor Mike DeWine campaigns for Matt Dolan in Ohio
Oliver O’Connell19 March 2024 19:45


What is a government shutdown and why do they happen?

Congressional leaders passed their first tranche of departmental spending bills in early March, funding about 30 per cent of the US government.

They now find themselves working against a sharp deadline to send through a second, larger package of bills to keep the government open until the 2024 fiscal year ends on 30 September, just weeks before the presidential election.

As it stands, federal funding is set to expire in the early hours of Saturday 23 March for the departments of Homeland Security (DHS), State, Defence, Labour and Health and Human Services.

However, it now appears that the House of Representatives has reached a tentative deal to bankroll the DHS, an agreement that would enable it to pass a sticking point and allow negotiators to process the remaining five funding bills just in time to avert another partial government shutdown.

Here’s a look at some of the key questions surrounding government shutdowns, a recurrent threat looming over Congress whenever the parties of the left and right cannot find common ground on how to bankroll the great offices of state.

Joe Sommerlad19 March 2024 19:30


Ohio Senate candidate Matt Dolan and Governor Mike DeWine react to polls ahead of primary
Oliver O’Connell19 March 2024 19:15


RFK Jr insists ‘many’ family members are backing his campaign after Kennedy clan visited Biden

Robert F Kennedy Jr has insisted that “many” of his family members back his independent presidential campaign after several members of the family seemingly snubbed him with a visit to the White House in which they heaped praise on President Joe Biden. Hmmm.

Martha McHardy has more.

Joe Sommerlad19 March 2024 19:00


Laken Riley’s father says lawmakers are politicising death for ‘votes’

The father of Laken Riley, a Georgia nursing student who was murdered earlier this year, has called out lawmakers for making his daughter’s death “political”.

Jason Riley spoke out for the first time about his daughter’s death to NBC News on Monday morning.

His daughter was killed while jogging on the University of Georgia campus on 22 February.

Police have since arrested 26-year-old Jose Antonio Ibarra, who migrated from Venezuela to the US in 2022 and is not an American citizen.

Now, Riley is criticising lawmakers for using his daughter’s death as a political talking point.

Katie Hawkinson has more.

Joe Sommerlad19 March 2024 18:30


Watch LIVE: President Joe Biden participates in a campaign event in the Reno

Watch live as President Joe Biden participates in a campaign event in the Reno
Oliver O’Connell19 March 2024 18:28


VIDEO: Trump sues ABC host over this Nancy Mace interview

Trump sues ABC host over this Nancy Mace interview
Reann Philogene19 March 2024 18:00

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