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What’s happening? 

-Biden and Trump continue to mop up the remaining primaries 

-Trump declares himself ‘not a Conservative’ in news interview

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Can’t Let Hur Go

The newly released transcript of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s interview with President Biden has confirmed the president’s frequent memory lapses, as well as contradicted his claims surrounding their exchange over his son Beau’s death, a Fox News Digital review of the transcript has found.

Hur took fiery questions — from both sides of the aisle — during a fiery hearing Tuesday. He explained that he did not bring charges against the president despite the willful retention of classified records about military and foreign policy in Afghanistan and other countries, among other records related to national security and foreign policy, which Hur said implicated “sensitive intelligence sources and methods.”

However, Hur affirmed that he identified evidence that “pride and money” were “strong” motivating factors for President Biden to retain classified records, as the former vice president sought to keep materials to use for a memoir he wrote that brought him $8 million.

Hur insisted that a frequent Democratic characterization of the report was false. Multiple Democrats parroted that Hur’s report “exonerated” Biden, but Hur repeatedly told the House panel that was incorrect. When asked again if his report is a “total and complete exoneration,” Hur maintained “that is not what the report says.” 

Democrats took aim at Hur for the potential damage done to President Biden. Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga. used his allotted time during the hearing to take jabs at the Federalist Society and suggested Hur would gain personally from a Trump victory in November.

“Despite clearing President Biden from being prosecuted, you used your report to trash and smear President Biden because he said in response to questions over a five-hour interview that he didn’t recall how he got the documents,” Johnson said. 

“Congressman, I reject the suggestions that you have just made. That is not what happened. Partisan politics played no part whatsoever in my work. My work was independent and fair,” Hur hit back, speaking over Johnson as he attempted to interrupt Hur’s response.

Robert Hur, Joe Biden

Special Counsel Robert Hur and President Joe Biden. (Getty Images)

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Bill Maher Biden

Maher Biden (Screenshot/HBO, Getty Images)

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