Virginia: More than a Dozen Anti-Gun Bills Sent to the Governor!

Gun Rights

Contact Governor Youngkin today and urge his veto on all gun-control bills! 

The newly elected Virginia General Assembly has prioritized restricting law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights and has made good on that priority this session. This year, dozens of anti-gun bills have been considered in both chambers of the General Assembly and now more than a dozen anti-gun bills have been sent to Governor Youngkin with more on the way as the legislative session comes to a close March 9th. While the bills have been pushed forward in the name of “public safety,” this is nothing more than an attack on the law-abiding gun owners in Virginia.  

Contact the Governor’s Office today by clicking the Take Action button below and urge his veto on all gun control bills! 

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HB 2  bans many commonly owned semi-automatic centerfire rifles, pistols, and shotguns manufactured after July 1, 2024. Additionally, the legislation imposes arbitrary magazine limits and discriminates against young adults by prohibiting them from purchasing some firearms. 

HB 173 and SB 100 end the centuries-old practice of individuals building lawful firearms for personal use without government interference by prohibiting the manufacture of firearms without serial numbers. Transfer of an unserialized firearm would be prohibited, with prospective transferors required to have a Federal Firearms Licensee serialize their firearm before transfer. This legislation would also prohibit those who lawfully purchased unfinished frames or receivers prior to the bill’s effective date from using those items to complete a firearm without government interference after the bill goes into effect – diminishing the value of lawfully acquired property. Further, the proposed legislation makes it unlawful to “assemble… any firearm that is not imprinted with a valid serial number.” This language could prohibit those who possess lawfully-made or acquired firearms without serial numbers from replacing parts on their guns or even disassembling the firearms for cleaning and maintenance.

HB 175 and SB 99 prohibit Virginians from openly carrying rifles and shotguns in public places.

HB 183 and SB 368 mandate additional firearm storage requirements. 

SB 258 expands upon Virginia’s recently passed “red flag” gun confiscation law. Recall that this law can remove an individual’s Second Amendment Rights based upon third-party allegations, where an individual has no other disqualifiers, such as a criminal conviction or mental adjudication. This expansion could also impact non-prohibited individuals who are simply residing with someone subject to a red flag order. 

HB 318 and SB 491 subject firearm industry members to frivolous lawsuits. This legislation would be detrimental and costly to the industry and make it more challenging and more expensive for you to exercise your constitutional rights.

HB 498 and SB 225 require local school boards to develop and implement a policy for distribution by the local district to inform parents about firearm safety and storage laws in the state. This mandate could be weaponized as a propaganda tool funded by taxpayer dollars.  

HB 585 bans home-based firearm dealers from opening or continuing to operate if they are located within 1.5 miles of any elementary or middle school. This extreme radius will cause many firearm dealers to lose the ability to operate their small businesses.

HB 797 removes references to the National Rifle Association (NRA) from the code that allows the association to certify ranges and instructors.

HB 799 mandates new requirements for concealed handgun permit applicants to submit fingerprints on an initial application and each subsequent renewal. 

HB 1195 and SB 273 impose a mandatory five-day waiting period for firearm purchases. 

NRA-ILA continues to fight these measures in Richmond, but we also need YOU to speak to your elected officials and tell them to protect your Second Amendment rights. Stay tuned for additional alerts from NRA-ILA. 

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