Virginia: Mandatory Waiting Period and Other Anti-Gun Bills Headed to the Governor’s Desk

Gun Rights

Contact Governor Youngkin today and urge his veto! 

Anti-gun extremists in the Virginia General Assembly have made diminishing your Second Amendment Rights a top priority this legislative session. This week a slew of gun control bills received final passage, sending the bills to Governor Youngkin’s desk for his consideration. Contact Governor Youngkin today and urge him to veto this assault on your rights! 

Senate Bill 273: Senator Suhas Subramanyam (D – SD 32) Imposes a mandatory five-day waiting period for all firearm purchases in Virginia.

Senate Bill 100: Senator Adam P. Ebbin (D – SD 39) Ends the centuries-old practice of individuals building firearms for personal use without government interference. The ambiguous term “ghost gun” is an invention of anti-gun advocates to restrict the gun-rights of law-abiding citizens. First and foremost, a prohibited individual is prohibited from owning a firearm regardless of how the firearm is assembled. This means that whether that possessed firearm was assembled in a factory, or assembled using a kit, it does not change the fact that possession of that firearm is a criminal act. 

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Senate Bill 368: Senator Jennifer B. Boysko (D – SD 38) Implements mandatory storage requirements for firearms and ammunition. 

Senate Bill 491: Senator Jennifer D. Carroll Foy (D – SD 33) Subjects firearm industry members to frivolous lawsuits by creating a civil cause of action for violations. The legislation requires industry members to establish and implement controls based on vague and unenumerated standards of conduct.  A cause of action may be brought by the Attorney General or a local county or city attorney for any harm arising under this bill. 

House Bill 498:  Delegate Laura Jane Cohen (D – HD 15) Requires local school boards to develop and implement a policy for distribution by the local district to inform parents about firearm safety and storage laws in the state. This mandate could be weaponized as a propaganda tool funded by tax payer dollars.  

Again, contact Governor Youngkin today and request he veto these anti-gun measures! 

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