New Hampshire: House Vote on Gun Related Bills Tomorrow

Gun Rights

On Thursday, February 22nd, the New Hampshire House of Representatives will be holding floor votes on gun related bills. Two gun bills of note are House Bill 1186, which would protect gun owners’ privacy, and House Bill 1050, which would allow New Hampshire residents to waive their Second Amendment rights.  Please contact New Hampshire lawmakers NOW and ask them to SUPPORT HOUSE BILL 1186 and OPPOSE HOUSE BILL 1050!


House Bill 1186 prohibits the assigning of a specific merchant category code to the sale of firearms, ammunition, or firearm accessories, and provides a civil penalty for violations of this prohibition. This critical legislation protects gun-owners privacy and ensures that bad actors cannot use credit and debit card transactions to create a gun-registry or block cardholders from making gun-related purchases.

House Bill 1050 would create a legal avenue for New Hampshire residents to waive their Second Amendment rights and be prohibited from purchasing a firearm. Major concerns surround this bill including the ability for an individual to be coerced or intimidated into forfeiting their Constitutional rights. Additionally, this bill has no clear rights restoration process, meaning that someone who forfeit their rights may never be able to regain them and remain a prohibited individual indefinitely. 

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Again, please contact New Hampshire lawmakers NOW and urge them to SUPPORT House Bill 1186 and OPPOSE House Bill 1050!

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