Washington: Anti-Gun Bills Advance Out of Committee

Gun Rights

On Monday, February 19th, the Senate Law & Justice Committee held a public hearing on several anti-gun bills. NRA was in Olympia and testified against all three bills. An executive session was held yesterday and the Committee voted along party lines to advance the bill.

The bill will be directed to the Rules Committee where it will be eligible to head to the Senate Floor for final passage. Please contact your Senator now and urge them to OPPOSE these bills by using the Take Action button below.

House Bill 1903 further victimizes otherwise law-abiding gun owners and places the liability on crime victims for theft of their own property by penalizing failing to report missing or stolen firearms within 24 hours.

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House Bill 2021 expands the authorized and/or required destruction of firearms acquired from gun buyback programs held by state and local government entities.

House Bill 2118 also referred to as the “FFL Killer” bill, places costly onerous requirements on law-abiding FFLs that could put them at serious risk of going out of business because of the financial burden to comply.

Again, please click the Take Action button above to ask Senators to OPPOSE these bills.

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