Hawaii: Anti-Gun Bills Pass in Senate Public Safety Committee

Gun Rights

Yesterday, February 14th, three anti-gun bills were heard and passed by the Senate Public Safety Committee. These bills will place further restrictions on your Second Amendment Rights and utilize taxpayer dollars to create a state level propaganda arm to further the anti-gun agenda. All three bills will next be considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has yet to schedule the bills for a hearing.

Senate Bill 2845 prohibits persons under the age of 21 from purchasing or possessing ammunition. SB 2845 follows a similar tactic taken by other anti-gun states, pushing laws that discriminates against young adults from lawfully exercising their Second Amendment Rights.

Senate Bill 3196 expands upon Hawaii’s existing “assault pistol” ban to now include other commonly owned rifles and shotguns by instituting restrictions based on the name of the firearm and a “single feature” test. SB 3196 is poorly drafted and expansive in such a fashion that so-called “features” could be left open to interpretation. Given the recent ruling by the Hawaii Supreme Court, rebuking the Bruen decision, it’s likely to see restrictions viewed in the most unfavorable light for lawful gun owners.

Senate Bill 3349 establishes the state’s Office of Gun Violence Prevention and positions it under the Office of the Attorney General. SB 3349 states that the purpose of the new office is to develop strategies to prevent and address gun violence in Hawaii. In reality, this is part of the White House agenda, announced late last year calling for states to develop their own offices. While the purported goal of addressing violence in our communities is a worthy cause, the reality is this is nothing more than a taxpayer funded propaganda shop to push anti-gun policies without actually addressing crime in our communities.

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