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Gun Rights
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Which candidate is forthright and concerned about the needs of you and your family, and which 

candidate talks the talk but votes NO on major topics of concern? 


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Regarding abortion, Democrats publicly champion the cause of protecting abortion rights. 

Up until the Supreme Court decided to reverse Roe v Wade, many lacked pivotal moments or clarity 

regarding a position of support for maintaining the right to have an abortion. Silence has often been 

the norm when confronting very controversial issues.  For decades, and to this day, Republicans 

continue to assault a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions. In this crucial election year, 

the lesson from Arizona is clear the fight for reproductive rights is ongoing and demands vigilance. 

The struggle for reproductive autonomy is not only about the present but also about safeguarding 

the future of individual freedoms. David Schweikert has voted NO on a woman’s right to decide her 

medical health care.  


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Joanie Rose

YES, your rights and freedoms are at risk!  Don’t think for a minute that Donald Trump will not stop perpetuating his 2020 lie.  It is difficult to comprehend why the MAGA January 6th insurrection is still condoned by many. When Republican Elise Stefanik called incarcerated January 6th insurrectionists hostages, Representative Schweikert made no comment.  Without Democrats and independents getting involved in the November election, you could have a country run by a dictator. If this isn’t a wake-up call to get involved, what is? 


This key issue is probably one of the hottest topics of the day.  Now that the Senate has worked diligently to find a beginning solution to this issue, a Republican Congress plans to STOP the momentum and progress.  Why you ask?  Donald Trump cares more about his agenda than working across the aisle to make a catastrophic situation better. Republican Representative Schweikert complains and talks the talk but what has he initiated to end the border problem? 


As of mid-January 2024, the GDP shows an increase in the economy.  Despite Republicans denying any progress in the economy, has Republican Congressman Schweikert’s charts and personal attacks on Democrats improved the deficit? His weekly floor speeches are sent to his constituents, but where are his policy proposals or bills that would substantiate his rhetoric to lower the debt? 


While the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed a bipartisan Gun Safety Law on June 25, 2022, Democrats feel the bill fell far short of their demands. Democrats continue to this day to fight for better and more comprehensive gun control to protect you and your family. Republicans including David Schweikert vote NO on gun safety bills and care more about their standing with the NRA than the lives of children who are murdered in their innocence. 

CLIMATE CHANGE is for real! President Biden’s record is firmly against Republican views and denial of science. 

EDUCATION is being challenged by several governors who do not want history taught as it happened. In addition, they have banned Pulitzer Prize-winning books. Students need to be taught critical thinking to broaden their horizons and be educated to excel in their studies. Charlie Kirk and his faith-based philosophy are not only frightening but far from being Christian. Who will step up to confront this outrage?  

 There are many more issues that voters will face this November. It is time to research and learn about who wants to continue funding the ISRAEL/HAMAS and RUSSIAN/UKRAINE wars and who supports the seriousness of the WATER ISSUE. Add to these concerns, MEDICARE, HEALTH CARE, SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS, VOTING RIGHTS, and the ANTISEMITISM and RACISM that are sadly alive and well.  

While six candidates are vying for your vote to unseat Representative Schweikert in the general election, here is how one candidate views these issues as serious problems.  

Conor O’Callaghan has strong convictions that are in sharp contrast to Congressman Schweikert. Conor has studied each issue at length, and he feels his education and vast professional experiences have taught him to address major topics with facts and proficiency. 

Conor’s outspoken stance on women’s reproductive rights allows all women the freedom to make medical decisions that impact their bodily autonomy. He emphasizes the importance of comprehensive health care and access to reproductive services. 

In addressing economic issues, Conor feels the economy needs a boost by increasing the number of tax brackets and closing loopholes. By implementing a more robust tax system, he advocates a plan to create a fairer distribution of the tax burden while stimulating economic growth and reducing income inequality. 

Recognizing the urgent need to combat climate change, Conor would initiate a plan to leverage federal leadership to address the water crisis in Arizona and other states. Through innovative policies and investments, Conor advocates sustainable water management, safeguarding the environment, and supporting communities that depend on water resources. 

Conor’s commitment to banning assault weapons underscores his dedication to public safety. He believes in implementing sensible gun safety measures to protect communities from the devastating impact of mass shootings. By legislating responsible firearm regulations, he aims to strike a balance between individual rights and collective safety, prioritizing the well-being of the public. 

These aspects of Conor’s platform demonstrate a comprehensive approach to addressing key issues, from social and reproductive rights to economic and environmental concerns. His perspective reflects a commitment to creating a more equitable and sustainable future for all.  

Joanie Rose is a resident of Scottsdale.  

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