New Hampshire: Major Gun Bills to be Heard This Week

Gun Rights

On Monday, February 12th, and Thursday, February 15th, the New Hampshire House of Representatives will be holding work sessions on two key gun-related bills. NRA members and gun rights supporters are urged to contact the committee and request that they support all pro-gun measures this session and oppose all bills that will restrict our Second Amendment rights.

House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee: Monday, February 12th. 9:30AM

House Bill 1186: This pro-gun bill prohibits the assigning of a specific merchant code to the sale of firearms, ammunition, or firearm accessories, and provides a civil penalty for violations of this prohibition. The critical legislation protects gun-owners privacy and ensure that bad actors cannot use credit and debit card transactions to create a gun-registry or block cardholders from making gun-related purchases.

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House Judiciary Committee: Thursday, February 15th. 10:00AM

HB 1037 repeals the statute that provides limited liability to manufacturers, distributors, dealers, or importers of firearms or ammunition. If passed, this would create a legal course of action against firearm manufacturers and retailers whose firearms are used in criminal activity. This legal course of action would attempt to evade the federal Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which protects manufacturers from being held responsible for third-party misuse. Just like it is unreasonable for an auto retailer to be held liable when a driver harms someone with their vehicle, it is unreasonable for firearm manufacturers and retailers to be held liable when their products are used in a crime.

Again, please contact committee members and urge them to support all pro-gun measures this session and oppose all bills that will restrict our Second Amendment rights.

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