Maxwell Frost predicts Donald Trump would ‘wipe his ass’ with pleas to stop gun violence

Gun Rights

U.S. Rep. Maxwell Frost said Donald Trump would wipe his rear end with pleas for change from gun violence survivors.

On a press call organized by President Joe Biden’s campaign, Frost criticized former President Trump for giving the keynote address to National Rifle Administration’s (NRA) Presidential Forum.

“We have Republican politicians like Donald Trump who are all too willing to stand by and watch kids senselessly die, because he’s bought and paid for by the NRA,” the Orlando Democrat said.

Frost said it’s especially alarming to see Trump schmooze with the gun lobby ahead of the sixth anniversary of the Parkland shooting. The school shooting, which unfolded on Feb. 14, 2018, left 17 dead at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High.

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It also prompted Frost to launch of March For Our Lives, a youth-driven gun rights movement where Frost got his start as a political activist. He has since become the first Generation Z American elected to Congress.

“I’m 27 years old, and my life has been pretty much defined by seeing far too many folks in my generation shot down due to no gun laws,” he said.

Frost has worked closely with Biden on the creation of an Office of Gun Violence Prevention, and he serves on congressional Democrats’ Gun Violence Prevention Task Force. But he said Trump, who was President at the time of the Parkland shooting, simply doesn’t care about stopping gun violence as much as wooing extremist groups.

“I send a letter to President Joe Biden, he’s going to read it,” Frost said.

“The White House is going to reach out, they’re going to work with us to ensure that, No. 1, we’re heard, but No. 2, that our considerations and what we’re advocating for is actually listened to and that they act on it. If I sent a letter like that to President Trump, or former President Trump, he’ll wipe his ass with it.”

In addition to discussing gun policy, America’s youngest congress also addressed a frequent attack point for Biden, the President’s age. A day after a Special Counsel released a report raising questions about the 81-year-old’s memory, Frost dismissed that as less than revelatory.

“We know. President Biden is old, okay,” Frost said. “Yeah. It doesn’t sound like breaking news to me.”

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