Seven Day Waiting Period Bill Heads to Senate Floor for Vote, Likely on Friday

Gun Rights

Dear Second Amendment Supporters:

Last night, the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced House Bill 129, the 7-day waiting period bill, after rejecting an amendment to stretch the waiting period back to 14 days and adding an amendment to exempt concealed handgun licensees from the purchase delay.

HB 129 now moves to the full Senate for debate and a vote, which is likely to happen TOMORROW (Friday) or over the weekend.  

HB 129 mandates a 7-day waiting period on any gun buyer, other than a concealed handgun licensee, who clears an FBI background check to purchase a firearm. This legislation won’t impact crime or impulsive acts of self-harm, it will only unnecessarily delay your ability to exercise your right to purchase and own firearms for any number of reasons, including personal protection. 

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Please contact your State Senators TODAY and urge them to OPPOSE House Bill 129!

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