New York: Senate Democrats Are Destroying Gun Safety By Removing NRA Trainer Certification

Gun Rights

More proof positive that New York Senate Democrats have never cared about “gun safety.”  On Monday, February 5, the Senate Codes Committee is set to move on S.138A, which strips NRA certified instructors from state statute.  Certifications expire Dec. 31, 2026, and the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) will then be responsible for creating curricula and promulgating rules and standards for trainer certification.  Of course, there is zero evidence that they are willing or even capable of taking on the task.

This bill passed the Senate last year, but it did not clear the Assembly before they ended their 2023 session.  They are now bringing this legislation back early in the 2024 session, and everyone should be concerned. Please contact members of the Codes Committee immediately and respectfully request a “no” vote on S.138A by clicking the Take Action button below. 

For decades, the NRA has certified hundreds of thousands of trainers and has been the gold standard for firearms safety programs.  There is no rationale for this move to eliminate these trainers, but the motivation is obviously purely political. This ill-conceived bill will impact almost everyone who carries concealed in New York as it will almost certainly throw the entire system into chaos, if not completely shut it down.  Arguably every New Yorker is going to be impacted because they are eliminating firearms safety training as we know it. 

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The agenda of Albany’s anti-gun Democrat Majority has become all too apparent – release criminals and disarm honest, law-abiding citizens.  This has proven to be a recipe for disaster.  For all their disingenuous talk about “gun safety,” eliminating the best training in the world seems to be more folly. 

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