Virginia: Assembly Public Safety- Firearms Subcommittee to Hear Multiple Firearms-Related Bills

Gun Rights

Today, February 1st, the House Public Safety – Firearms Subcommittee will hear multiple firearms-related bills. Bills that are favorably recommended will be added to the agenda for the Public Safety Committee on Friday. Sign up HERE to submit public comments or to be added to the agenda to speak!

ANTI-Gun Legislation

Click the button below to urge committee members to OPPOSE HB 175, HB 270, HB 318, HB 319, HB 362, HB 797, HB 798, HB 799, HB 861, HB 916, HB 945, and HB 1195!

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HB 175, Del. Marcus Simon, prohibits the carrying of certain semi-automatic center-fire rifles, pistols, and shotguns on any public street, road, alley, sidewalk, public right-of-way, park, or any other place that is open to the public.

HB 270, Del. David Reid, creates a Class 6 felony for any person to import, sell, transfer, manufacture, or purchase a restricted rifle or large-capacity firearm magazines. HB 270 imposes civil liability for the acts of third parties, if a restricted firearm or magazine was transferred in violation of this legislation. Additionally, HB 270 implements a 3-day waiting period for firearm purchases and creates the Virginia Firearm Buy-Back Program.

HB 318, Del. Dan Helmer, creates a private right of action against gun industry members. 

HB 319, Del. Dan Helmer, removes references to the National Rifle Association (the NRA) and the United States Concealed Carry Association from the Code that allow the organizations to certify ranges and instructors.

HB 362, Del. Adel McClure, expands prohibiting categories for misdemeanor domestic violence violations beyond federal law. 

HB 797, Del. Patrick Hope, requires live fire training for concealed carry permits and removes references to both the National Rifle Association and the US Concealed Carry Association as acceptable certifications for firearm instructors. The bill also repeals authority for special license plates in support of the NRA.

HB 798, Del. Patrick Hope, expands firearm prohibition categories to certain misdemeanor crimes, beyond federal law. 

HB 799, Del. Patrick Hope, expands the concealed carry permit finger print requirements to include renewals. 

HB 861, Del. Phil Hernandez, expands the state definition of sensitive places where firearm possession is prohibited. 

HB 916, Del. Kannan Srinivasan, creates a “Red Flag” reporting system for the purpose of tracking and reporting these orders based on locality. 

HB 1195, Del. Cliff Hayes, institutes a 5-day waiting period for firearm transfers. 

PRO-Gun Legislation

Click the button below and urge committee members to SUPPORT HB 1230, HB 1235, and HB 1321!


HB 1230, Del. Eric Zehr, allows school boards to authorize any school board employee to possess a firearm on school property, in addition to those individuals expressly authorized to possess such a firearm as otherwise provided in statute. Those authorized to carry on school grounds must undergo enhanced training in accordance with criteria established by the Department of Criminal Justice Services. 

HB 1235, Del. Eric Zehr, authorizes a person 21 years of age or older, who is not prohibited from possessing firearms, and has an unexpired protective order against another individual to carry without a permit for up to 45 days.  

HB 1321, Del. Scott Wyatt, allows off-duty law-enforcement officers to carry a firearm in buildings and properties owned or leased by the Commonwealth that are typically regarded as sensitive places.  

 Again, please contact committee members by using the links above and sign up to deliver comments or to sign up to speak!

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