Letters: Hypocrisy of Republicans knows no bounds

Gun Rights

A recent letter writer excoriated the Democrats making many charges against them. As a lifelong independent, I won’t take time rebutting his arguments but will point out the absurd depravities of the Republicans.

Sixty years ago, Southern Democrats were segregationists, labeled Dixiecrats. However, since Presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson embraced civil rights, White Southerners have defected to the Republican party in droves. And 60 years later they are actively engaged in voter suppression despite their vehement denials.

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They are also engaged in “knowledge suppression,” trying to whitewash real American history. As a Black man, this is especially repugnant to me, understanding the real-world consequences of intentional public ignorance.

Republicans are engaged in retaliatory witch hunts using Orwellian misinformation, propaganda and lies. They have reneged on their much-vaunted morality. Groups called “moral majority” and “pro-life” have supported all manner of wars and militarism dating back to Vietnam. And their domestic support of the National Rifle Association and access to killing machines have resulted in massive bloodshed on all levels of American society.

Their unqualified support of an amoral, pathological criminal who attempted a coup and has made mockery of almost every hallowed American institution, points to the hypocrisy of this group. After 2020, will federal elections ever be trusted again?

Even their bona fides on the economy has been exposed. Since Ronald Reagan, Republicans have damaged the economy creating massive deficits with tax cuts; transferring massive amounts of wealth to the already rich, while feigning fiscal sanity.

Yes, the emperor has no clothes. Every single acclaimed value that Republicans have extolled has been exposed as a lie. They are only interested in raw power and are now willing to create a dictator in order to get it.


New Orleans

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