Virginia: Senate Hearing on Anti-Gun Bills Tomorrow

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Tomorrow, January 31st, the Senate Committee on Courts of Justice will hold a hearing that includes multiple gun control bills after a last-minute addition to the agenda. Progressive, anti-gun lawmakers hope to take these extreme anti-gun measures across the finish line and become law as many of the bills are companions of House Bills earlier this monthIt’s critical you get engaged today by contacting the members of the committee and urging their opposition to these anti-gun measures! 

The bills on the agenda include:

SB 44, introduced by Sen. VanValkenburg, establishes criminal penalties for firearm owners whose firearms are unlawfully used by minors.

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SB 57, introduced by Sen. Salim, prohibits law-abiding, concealed handgun permit holders from carrying their handguns on restaurant premises if the restaurant has a license to serve alcohol. 

SB 258, introduced by Sen. Surovell, expands upon Virginia’s recently passed gun confiscation law. Recall that this law can remove an individual’s Second Amendment Rights based upon third-party allegations, where an individual has no other disqualifiers, such as a criminal conviction or mental adjudication. This expansion could also impact non-prohibited individuals who are simply residing with someone subject to a red flag order. 

SB 327, introduced by Sen. Salim, discriminates against young adults (aged 18-20) by making it unlawful for them to purchase a firearm.

SB 515, introduced by Sen. Graves, prohibits the possession of any weapon in facilities that offer medical services, including hospitals, mental health facilities, and emergency rooms.

SB 642, introduced by Sen. Perry, expands upon the types of misdemeanor convictions that would result in the individual becoming a prohibited person and being stripped of their Second Amendment rights.

NRA-ILA will be fighting these measures in Richmond, but we also need YOU to speak to your lawmakers and tell them to protect your Second Amendment rights. Stay tuned for additional alerts from NRA-ILA. 

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