Maine: Anti-Gun Advocates Announce Extreme Gun Control Package

Gun Rights

For years, leading gun-grabbers like Michael Bloomberg have been dead set on disarming Maine citizens. Last night, in a “virtual press conference” held by Everytown and Moms Demand Action, they made it clearer than ever, they are coming for our guns.

Please click “Take Action” to contact your Senator and Representative and ask them to OPPOSE all gun control proposals this session.

The call included some of the most vehemently anti-gun politicians in Maine. Representatives from national gun control organizations announced they are pursuing a sweeping and extreme gun control package in Maine this session. Make no mistake, none of these reforms would have stopped the recent tragedy in Lewiston. But as we know, gun control advocates don’t care about the facts. 

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During the press conference, gun control advocates touted several policies they plan to push for this session, including:

Bans on Commonly Owned Firearms

Universal Background Checks

72-Hour Waiting Periods

Gun Confiscation

While NRA is advocating to find solutions to the mental health crisis in Maine, these radical organizations are pushing failed gun control policies that will do nothing to reduce violent crime, and only burden law-abiding individuals.

As we have already seen in Augusta, these anti-gun groups, armed with their endless supply of money from Michael Bloomberg, will spare no expense in using Maine as a pawn in their national agenda.

That is why we need all NRA members and Second Amendment supporters to contact your lawmakers NOW and tell them to oppose Bloomberg’s failed gun-grabbing scheme.

The fight to save your Second Amendment rights in Maine starts now. Please stay tuned for important updates and events that will help you make a difference in Maine.

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