Missouri: Concealed Carry on Public transit and in Places of Worship Bill Passes Out of Committee

Gun Rights

On Tuesday, House Bill 1708, a bill that ensures law-abiding citizens are not stripped of their Second Amendment rights when utilizing public transit or in places of worship, passed out of the House General Rules Committee 11-5. It will now be brought to the floor for a vote by the entire House.

 House Bill 1708 removes the prohibition, for those with a concealed carry permit, to possess a firearm for self-defense on public transit and in churches and places of worship. HB 1708 would allow permit holders to carry on public transit property and in public transit vehicles. It would also allow an individual to transport an unloaded and/or non-functioning firearm on public transit buses. Additionally, this bill would allow those with a concealed carry permit to carry in churches and places of worship, unless posted otherwise. Along with expanding the areas a concealed permit holder can legally carry, HB 1708 would lower the age requirement to obtain a concealed carry permit to 18 years old (currently 19 years old). The bill would expand the list of those exempted from certain prohibitions to now include certain retired judiciary members, current assistant attorneys general, current and former members of the military, and current and former members of the General Assembly when in possession of a concealed carry permit.

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