2023 Marks a Turning Point with Majority of US States Dropping Gun Permit Requirements

Gun Rights

In a landmark year for gun rights, 2023 saw the United States allow people to carry concealed guns without a permit.

The Rise of Constitutional Carry Laws

Permits are now not a requirement in 27 states, according to Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association. This is a significant increase from 2021, when only 16 states allowed permit-less carry.

Florida became the 26th state to enact the policy in March 2023, followed by Nebraska. Both efforts were backed by the NRA and signed into law by Republican governors.

Despite a slight decrease in the number of Americans with concealed carry permits in 2023, more citizens are now carrying concealed firearms, according to John Lott, founder and President of the Crime Prevention Research Center.

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LaPierre stated that the NRA will continue to advocate against concealed weapon permit requirements until the policy becomes the “law of the land.”

Read more at Fox News.

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