Does Donald Trump Qualify as a True Conservative?

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Today, we’re ridin’ into the wild world of politics. Don’t worry, we’re packin’ the right ammo – facts, in this case. Pop a squat, keep your ears open, and let’s cut to the chase. The big question burnin’ in everyone’s brain is – Does Donald Trump really qualify as a true conservative? There’s been a lot of squawkin’ about this. But, we’re here to break it down, point-blank.

Donald Trump Interview at Larry King Live
Once in an October 1999 interview on Larry King Live in which he first announced his intentions to run for president, Trump said, “I’m somewhat liberal on social issues, especially health care, et cetera…The Republicans are too far right.”

Trump: More than just a Rainmaker

Okay, let’s lay out some facts first. The man’s a successful businessman – that’s a given. Trump has more than proved his cowboy credentials when it comes to wheeling and dealing in the rough and tumble rodeo of real estate and TV. But, we’re not here to gab about dollars and cents. We’re here to figure out if Trump fits snugly into the conservative holster.

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Big Gun Conservative Ideas

If you’ve been tossin’ lead downrange, you know that a conservative believes in limited government, free markets, individual liberty – the red meat stuff, you know. They’re keen on layin’ low on taxes and they wouldn’t give an inch when it comes to constitutional rights, especially the Second Amendment. So, where does the big man Trump stand in this field? Well, he’s been pretty vocal about his views, so let’s draw a bead on ’em.

Donald Trump Finger Pointing

Trump’s Tax and Trade Tactics

Trump ain’t shy when it comes to chopping down taxes. He’s chopped corporate tax rates from a whopping 35% to a reasonably lean 21%. Seems like a solid conservative move, right? But, wrangle in your enthusiasm, cowboy. His approach to trade ain’t exactly a page outta the free market playbook. He’s quick on the draw with tariffs – a move that’s raised a few conservative brows. But again, he claims these are just negotiation tactics. Decipher that as you will.

Size of Government and Regulation

On one hand, Trump seems to be all for a smaller government. He’s lopped off quite a bit of red tape in terms of regulations – everything from environment restrictions to banking rules. He’s got a pickaxe in one hand, hacking at the bureaucratic wall. But, on the other hand, under his reign, government spending has skyrocketed. A classic conservative might break into a cold sweat at the sight of that escalating budget.

Trump on Immigration and the Great Wall

Here’s where things get prickly, like a cactus in a saddlebag. Immigration – a hot-button issue if there ever was one. True conservatives generally believe in law and order, and Trump? Well, he’s damn near ready to build a wall to keep order. But that wall? It’s a pricey affair – one that runs counter to the conservative ideal of fiscal conservatism.

Trump’s Stance on the Second Amendment

This is where Trump fires on all cylinders. He’s a staunch advocate for your right to bear arms. He’s shown unwavering support to the NRA, and makes no bones about stating his views on this rugged, all-American right. In this, he might qualify for the ‘true conservative’ badge.

You still with me, buckaroo? Here in the closing stages, let’s lasso this beast and see if we can hog-tie it.

Trump’s Conservative Cred – A Straight Shooter or Just Blowing Smoke?

In the mammoth roundup of Trump’s tenure, he seems to be a different breed of conservative – one that doesn’t shy away from shaking things up. While he totes a big gun on taxes, government downsizing, and Second Amendment rights, he has strayed from the straight ‘n’ narrow of traditional conservatism – especially with his loose reins on government spending, and his controversial stance on trade and tariffs.

So, does Donald Trump qualify as a true conservative? That’s a question as complex as a trick shot at a rodeo. But, one thing’s for certain – he’s made his brand of conservatism his own. Whether that sits well in your saddle or seems as foreign as a polar bear in the desert, well, partner, that’s all up to you.

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