Letter to the editor: Gun violence

Gun Rights

What will it take for Republicans to take gun violence seriously and vote for representatives that want to take action? Does one of their loved ones have to be killed for them to take gun violence seriously?

Last week, Representatives Good and Griffin voted for, and the Republican controlled House passed, an amendment to HR 5894 sponsored by an Iowa Republican “to block funding of research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention into injuries and fatalities caused by firearms”. Miller-Meeks called her amendment “an important first step in eliminating costly programs at the CDC.”

Perhaps she and her Republican colleagues should tell families who have lost loved ones to gun violence that research into that is too costly. Better to save some money than to take steps to save lives.

Twenty-five years ago, Congress first quashed funding for CDC research into gun violence, after intense lobbying by gun manufacturers and the NRA. Now the Republicans want to make sure that continues to be the case. In 2024, when the House is up for reelection, this issue is one of many reasons not to re-elect Good and Griffin.

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