Are You Ready? Top 10 Items to Survive SHTF

Survival In The Wild
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Top 10 Items to Survive SHTF
1. Water : Source, Filters, Containers
2. Food : Full Pantry, Long Term, Canned, Canning, MREs, Dehydrated
3. Medical: Basics, Trauma, Bandage materials
4. Hygiene : Keep Clean
5. Elements: Heat Source, blankets. warm Clothes
6. Power : Generators, Solar, Power Banks
7. Evacuation Plans: B.O.B. , Destination, Containers, Maps, Compass
8. Cash/ Precious Metals
9. Comms : Ham Radio, FRS Walkies, Satellite Radios, CB
10 Self defense: Lethal/ Non-Lethal

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