Virginia: Omnibus Gun Control Bills Filed Ahead of the 2024 Legislative Session

Gun Rights

In Virginia, the pre-filing of legislation has begun for the 2024 session and anti-gun legislators are wasting no time in aggressively laying out their agenda. HB2 and SB2 were recently filed as companion omnibus bills, which include a litany of anti-gun proposals such as banning commonly owned semi-automatic firearms, implementing magazine capacity restrictions, and raising the age for purchasing and possessing certain semi-automatic firearms. The recent election shifted the balance of power in the State House which has emboldened anti-gun lawmakers to aggressively pursue their agenda.

It’s critical that NRA members and gun rights supporters are engaged for the upcoming session which will begin on January 10 to help defeat these proposals. Stay tuned to your inbox and for updates concerning your Second Amendment Rights and hunting heritage.

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