‘They hate pies’: Fox News contributor rants about Kamala Harris’ gas stove photo

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After Vice President Kamala Harris posted a Thanksgiving photo of herself and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff in their kitchen, conservatives blasted Harris for her supposed hypocrisy given that she posed next to what appears to be a gas stove.

The uproar over gas stoves stems from a Department of Energy (DOE) analysis from earlier this year that found roughly 50% of gas stoves currently on the market wouldn’t pass new efficiency standards. This led opponents of the Biden administration to accuse the president of wanting to ban gas stoves (such a ban has never been proposed). The DOE specified that the rule meant gas stove manufacturers would have to raise the standards of what they put on the market, not that gas stoves would be banned altogether.

However, this didn’t stop Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt from launching a tirade against Harris and Democrats as a whole. the Daily Beast reported that when “Ingraham Angle” guest host Lisa Boothe asked hurt why he thinks some Democrats want to ban gas stoves, Hurt didn’t hold back.

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“I think because they hate us. They hate humans. They hate joyfulness. They hate pies. They hate good food,” Hurt said. “They want all of America to be as miserable and unhappy and unloved as they are.”

Fox News has hit the Biden administration on the DOE’s gas stove analysis that one Republican member of Congress even thanked a Fox host during an on-air interview for providing her with “talking points” to use while campaigning. During a March 2023 appearance on the network, Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-Arizona) was promoting her “Save Our Gas Stoves Act,” prompting host John Roberts to offer a familiar National Rifle Association slogan.

“You could think that there’s a lot of people in the country who are probably remembering the old Charlton Heston line, you can have my gas stove when you pry it from my cold dead hands,” Roberts said.

“I love that saying! Yeah, maybe I should put that in my talking points for my legislation,” Lesko responded, with Roberts quickly asking her to “just don’t credit me.”

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